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Post Classified Ads! And We’ll Re-post them for More Exposure, Free!!!
What’s Up, Everyone! Do you have Anything you’d like to sell? or an Apartment to Rent out or a Job opening?
Or do you have a Business, A Property, Brand, or Blog / Website you’d like to Promote?
Well, then I encourage you to post any of your ads here on InvestOr Looking Group Page:…
For the simple fact that for a Limited Time, we at InvestOr Looking will do some tedious work for you! ….Curious? …Cool!
What InvestOr Looking is thinking of is a Win-Win simple offer!
When you post a classified here, we’ll manually link/post your Ad to our site and associated websites and blogs. Plus all of our Social Networking profiles. (that will allow…)
On our website, your Ad will be placed in the standard Classified Ad section for 60 Days and also on our Post’s page.
As for the social sites, we’ll place your ad on our Google + InvestOr Looking Communities Page, and associated groups as well. Also Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, Reddit, Linkedin, and much more.
Kinda like a Fiverr service but we’re not asking for a Single Cent, we’ll do this all for Free, for a limited time of 60 days. (subject to change) Starting 7/7/2016.
(Click this link to join:… )
And here’s another Kool Kicker!
In addition to everything mentioned above, and at your request, for the next 15 days as of 7/7/2016…we’ll place your ad (with pic only) in our Featured Ads for 90 days! A $45 value for Free!!! (2 per account)
Just simply type the initials FA at the end of your ad and we’ll do the rest!
Ok, now we’ve come to What is NOT Allowed And What WILL NOT Be Posted
SPAM: If we suspect (even a tiny bit) that an Ad is spammy, has far too many links or faked. We will not post it. (We Investigate)
ADULT LINKS: No Porn Images and no links to Porn Sites! If your ad is more personal in nature, that’s fine, just keep it somewhat Classy…huh? No Junk Pics! I don’t want to see it and I’m sure 98% of others don’t either! If you’re blessed and so proud of your endowment there are tons of other websites where you can show off the goods!
ANYTHING “OFF”, BLATANT SCAMS: As I said above, if something is just ‘fishy’shady’ or obviously a Rip-Off! Forget about it!
Moving right along to Questions or Concerns…
You don’t need to give us any special or personal info, only that in which you are willing to post about yourself in your Classified Ad. (contact info, and the like) If your email is involved, don’t worry, we 110% GUARANTEE that We (InvestOr Looking) will never spam you or sell email / info to anyone ever! Check out our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service

Terms of Service

So why are we doing this?
It’s very simple.
By helping you, you help us! and vice vera…
So go ahead and take advantage! Post Away!!!

InvestOr Looking

have questions? feel free to email us at

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