Q: "What Is InvestOr Looking?"

A: InvestOr Looking by default is an Online Classified Ad Website with a similar concept as Craigslist. However, our goal to make it a little safer, educational, sociable, and fun. Which is no easy feat since Craigslist is such a trusted and old online institution

Q: "Is this site safe?"

A: The answer to this question is an astounding 99.9% Yes! InvestOr Looking is a very safe site to browse and interact with.

Not only do our host servers ( Wealthy Affiliate ) have a great automated spam blocker, the website is closely monitored 24/7,

we also have McAfee website security for all the InvestOr Looking websites.

But as we all know sometimes slimy things slip through cracks, so it is always imperative to be cautious before clicking on any link in forums, classified ads, comments, or posts...(or any unknown third party link)

As you may have noticed InvestOr Looking have quite a few Third Party Advertisements on the site, (such as Google, Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction, etc) which are perfectly safe & legit merchant promotional links...but even then, always proceed with a bit of caution. ( see Privacy Policy - Terms of Service)


Q: "Besides Online Classifieds Does InvestOr Looking provide Additional Features? "

A: Absolutely! InvestOr Looking offers Featured Ads, Social Discussion Forums, Customize User Profiles (upload YouTube & Vimeo videos, pics, user content posts, self-promotion, etc) Social Networking, Online Shopping, Plus Free Online Games...just for fun:) There are a lot of different ways for users to utilize what InvestOr Looking has to offer...and we're just scratching the surface at this particular time. There's still a lot we're unaware of as well!

Q: "How Long has InvestOr Looking been an actual website?"

A: Since July of 2015...but didn't really get worked on seriously until October or November 2015.

Q: "What's with the capital O in Investor? Was that a typo you just went with or just trying to be clever somehow?"

A: No typo, maybe a little of "trying to be clever" but not really. The name is Investor Looking and at the same time is Invest Or Looking from a domain name perspective. (and other variations thereof)
The definition of an Investor is: "to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value."
And another definition : "to use, give, or devote (time, talent, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something"
So in a sense, we are all investors of some type or form, way or shape.
When we invest our money, time, talent, or emotion,
we seem to be looking for a potentially positive outcome of some value to us and others.
Doesn't matter whether it's financial or personal or relation achievements,
it basically seems to be the same goal in mind.
So InvestOr Looking made sense to us...hopefully, that made sense to you?
There are other and more esoteric reasoning...but that's more of a "Philosophical Forum Chat" or "Pretentious Coffee House Banter".
I'll stop now...

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