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 A piss poor one is for certain!

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Boatload of Crosswords™ Scoring

The score is basically the rate of letters entered per minute, times the percent of the puzzle that has been completed. For example, a 100% completed puzzle in which 10 letters were entered per minute with no errors will produce a score of 1000. There are penalties for entering wrong letters, and for revealing letters. Getting a score of for example 1000 is about equally difficult for all of the Boatload of Crosswords™ puzzles, regardless of puzzle size.

If a High Score is shown above the puzzle, it's the highest score you have gotten for any puzzle that you have ever completed.

For each of the scores in the following table, the given score is higher than the High Score of the indicated percentage of people who play the online crosswords on a typical day:

Score Percentile
1 1.2%
200 5%
500 12%
1000 24%
2000 50%
3000 70%
5000 90%
7000 96%
11000 99%