E-liquid Manufacuring company looking for investors

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  • Company / Business Name : Orchard Blends PH
  • Contact : Jake Encarnacion
  • Hours: : Anytime
  • Compensation : 25% ROI
  • Specialties / About : ⦁ As the vape industry is continously growing and base on the forecast that in 5 years time, the vape industry will be worth $61 Billion. We want to take advantage of that by expanding the business and to penetrate the market to stay in loop and to continue producing quality e-liquids.
  • History : Our company is base in Philippines and we are in the vape industry for three (3) years now. We produce e-liquids and as of the moment we have we have 9 flavors, 6 out of 9 flavors are really competing in the market and the 3 are special flavors that we make around 300-400 per month. We are a small manufacturing company that has 3 employees, but working with these 3 people feels like an army. 2018 is the highlight of our company, demands tripled this year. Vape industry took spot on the market when it was first commercialized last 2002. Since then, more and more vape shop opened and now an estimated 20 million people worldwide uses vape or e-cigarette products.
  • Meet the Owner : Founder of Orchard Blends PH started at the age of 19 yrs old. Currently he is the Token Manager of a Singapore based company. 2010 - Started as a Networker in a Health and Beauty products 2011 - Started working on start-up BPO 2012 - Business Consultant of a Telecommunication Company 2014 - Started his own computer shop 2015 - Business Retention Associate of a Telecommunication company 2016 - Present - Opened a Vape shop (closed) and focused on manufacturing e-liquids Specification : Business Development, Investing, Business, Marketing, Start-ups
  • Accepts Credit Cards : No
  • Accepts Apple Pay : No
  • Accepts Android Pay : No

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